Alliance Relocation Systems relocation specializes in providng top of the line local moving service, we corrently service

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Alliance Relocation Systems Storage & Moving Company is one of the top local & long distance moving companies in the country. Get a residential or commercial quote today!

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Alliance Relocation Systems International Moving Specialist helping customers all over United States. International Movers and Overseas Shipping Services.

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I highly recommend Alliance Relocation Systems as a moving company of DC area. When we have ordered a relocation, Alliance workers came on time, done their job fast, packed our stuff and loaded it in a most professional way. Thank you guys! Mike dc

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Moving Tips

Moving can be challenging enough, but correct planning and organization, can turn it into a fun experience and more important less stressful.
Start Early. While it may seem obvious, many people don't leave enough time to properly prepare for the move. Starting early reduces stress and allows you to deal with unintended problems.
Find a Professional Mover- This is probably one of the most important decisions you will have to make. The company you choose will reflect on your relocation experience.
Always remember,the cheaper is not always better. Make your research; make sure you discuss all details with your moving consultant; Accuracy is the key! Failing doing so may turn your experience into a more costly service than expected.

Eliminate! Only when we move, is it when we understand we collected plenty of junk throughout the years. Separate it into piles. Go through each pile more than once, setting aside the definite throwaways during the first sweep and the less obvious throwaways during the next couple of sweeps. Many of the items can be given away to charity or be sold in a garage sale. Turn your junk to cash!


Plan your new home, while packing the old one-You won't be able duplicate everything in your new home exactly the way it was in your old one, and who would want to anyway? New place, fresh start, new ideas! But taking pictures of every room before you start packing your old home will help you plan how to unpack in the new place and save you a lot of time. “SURVIVAL SUITCASE”- Be sure to pack one “Survival Suitcase” and keep it close at hand. This suitcase should include medications, , towels, pajamas, snacks, toilet paper, important documents and clothes at least for a week. Always consider delays may occur during relocation, and you don’t want to get caught without your personal items in hand.

If You Decided to Pack Yourself:
If you are packing yourself, begin boxing up items at least four-six weeks ahead of the move day to provide sufficient time to prepare your items for the big move.
1. Start by going to your local department or appliances stores and ask them for boxes. You might ask someone when the store expects shipments. They may even volunteer to set some boxes and packing paper aside for you.
2. Pack large Items in small Boxes and small Items in large Boxes- Limiting cartons, when possible, to a maximum weight of 50 pounds, make handling easier.
Keep an inventory of your valuable items and their condition prior to packing. At delivery, make note of any visible damage to the moving boxes or unboxed items on delivery day .

Call us for your stress-free and cost-effective Alliance Residential moving needs. We guarantee we can handle anything and will go beyond your expectation that you expect from your mover. We are licensed and insured.